Advanced Aquatic Training


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Safe & Effective For More Strength, Flexibility, & Endurance

ROCKIN L FITNESS & NUTRITION provides you with a next level, custom-tailored health and fitness plan centered around:




Benefits & Results with AQUA-TONE:

 The RESULTS you can expect:

+ Tone and sculpt all areas of the body

+ Increase flexibility and range of motion

+ Improve motor skills 

+ Improve muscle tone and coordination

+ Strengthen mind / body connection

+ Help realign the joints

+ Restore proper movement and motion

+ Quickly burn calories

+ Reduce workout time up to 70%

+ Accommodate all strength levels

+ Therapeutic for knee & hip replacements

+ Therapeutic for shoulder and back

+ Benefits for heart & asthma patients

+ Feel results after each session

Expert Level Knowledge From 40 Years of Experience & Study

Lorelei Sprott is a Master Fitness Trainer with 40 years of teaching experience. She has advanced training certifications and many client successes, including medical rehab patients. She can analyze your individual situation and create a customized fitness plan that will help you reach your goals. Most plans include effective workout training methods and healthy eating to ensure the best results for you. She will also work with you to keep you on track and stay motivated to reach your goals. 

Your Success is Our Goal

We understand that adapting to new fitness and eating habits is difficult for many people. Our goal is to change your views on fitness, so that it becomes a part of who you are and your lifestyle. We strongly believe that if you practice healthy habits, you will be able to obtain a healthy lifestyle. 


No Sweat - Get Wet (tm)

The latest research confirms that building strength and muscle mass in our inner core is one of the best things we can do for our overall health, especially as we reach middle age and beyond. It is well known that weightlifting is an effective and traditional way to accomplish that.

It is scientifically proven that performing certain exercises while submerged chest deep in water is just as effective as lifting weights, and provides 20% better oxygenation in the blood (also known as the PSI factor.) 

That's where AQUA-TONE (tm) comes in. It's an advanced water training program that equals AND EXCEEDS the benefits of weight-lifting in a gym.  

Compare AQUA-TONE to weight-lifting and other equipment:: 


a) There is no risk of poor balance or injury by falling over onto a floor when in a pool.  No trauma from broken bones, joint sprains, or internal bleeding injuries.

b) Using either particular hand placements and arm and leg movements, or using specially designed equipment (as both are employed by the Aqua-Tone method), greatly lessens the chance of tearing a muscle or spraining joints from over-extending since there are no heavy weights involved.


1. Water weight is 3 dimensional compared to the 1 dimensional direction of gravity weight. 

When weight-lifting, the resistance is only in the direction of the floor no matter what position or pose your body is in.  

In water exertion, the resistance is present in all directions. This accommodates the ability to make body movements that are much more natural given the way our bodies are designed, and the resistance is consistent all throughout the movement. 

Therefore, each and every bit of exertion and effort is rewarded with muscle-building and circulation improvements. 

2.  AQUA-TONE (tm) by Lorelei is a total MIND and BODY exercise program that utilizes both particular hand placements and arm and leg movements, or with specially designed equipment and buoyancy belts. (However, as to specialized equipment, many aquatic programs use foam dumbbells that are relatively ineffective.) You will be led through a series of exercises that include proper breathing, body stabilizing and stretching. 

AQUA-TONE (tm) amplifies the natural resistance of water.  Elements of  this program have been designed by leading exercise and sports  professionals.  It is a SAFE, EFFICIENT and GENTLE form of exercise. The degree of intensity or resistance depends entirely upon the force applied by you, the user. Therefore, the program can be intense enough for even professional athletes, yet safe and gentle enough for those in middle age or beyond, or someone that is out of  shape, or patients in need of medical rehabilitation.

AQUA-TONE (tm) combines the best components of the Hydro-Tone method, the Alexander Technique, and the Feldenkrais Method. Professional athletes have used this method to better compete and achieve their goals. You can too! 

3. Being in water keeps your balance, and it just naturally feels good! AQUA-TONE is FUN!  It's truly a fitness strategy that will last a lifetime. 

4. Working out while submerged in water takes less time than land-based exercise, is more efficient with more rewards, is safer, and is simply superior in every way!

5. TRAINERS - TAKE NOTE: Pumping water - not iron - helps to correct muscular and skeletal imbalances. By circuit training with simultaneous pushing and pulling within one movement (for quads, triceps, chest, etc.), all muscle groups can be trained in one session. This efficiency eliminates the inconvenience of splitting training sessions by consolidating them, and also produces results even sooner.


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